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Sightings by Tigger

The Temple of the Lobsters
by Deborah

Southern New Hampshire sightings by Mirakel

Filey sighting by Rowena

Rhode Island Sightings by Bob and Mary

Suffolk Sightings by Sarah

Toronto Sightings by Ellie


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Hunt the Lobster


If you have visited either of the last two Ffiestas you will probably have spent hours of your valuable life running around a 4 star hotel looking for plastic lobsters. This behaviour may seem stange to the average passer by (there have been some rather odd looks from the other guests) but to the average ffordian, lobster hunting comes as second nature. But, I hear you say, the weekend is over and the lobsters have all been found, surely the hunt must be over.


Global Hunt the Lobster

Well my friends the hunt for lobsters is never over, lobsters are everywhere and we must endeavor to find them all. So if you see a lobster during your everyday life (Any lobster, real or fake or something that looks remotely lobsteresque) why not take a photo and share it with the rest of us. The best photos received will be collected here for the rest of the ffiesta community to enjoy.

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Lobster sightings by Tigger

"I haven't seen any lobsters, but then I have a cold." -- my husband, Bryan McLennon. 


Lobster Candy or the Lobster in the Cinnamon Heart Dress


Ahead of our first Fforde Ffiesta, here is a Nova Scotia lobster for the collection. Photo taken by me, summer 2014. See you in May,  Tigger Jourard


The Temple of the Lobsters in Cambodia


The Temple of the Lobsters (no, seriously!) in Cambodia, November 2014.  How awesome is that?

A delightful, yet highly unexpected lobster sighting!

Deborah Smith


Lobster sightings in Southern New Hampshire by Mirakel

New H Lobster



Lobster sighted in Filey by Rowena Sudbury

Rowena's Lobster


Lobsters Sighted in Newport, Rhode Island by Bob and Mary

Newport Lobsters

Newport Lobsters

Newport Lobsters

Newport Lobsters


Lobsters Sighted in Aldeburgh in Suffolk by Sarah

sarahs lobsters


Lobsters Sighted in Toronto by Ellie

Toronto Lobsters

Toronto Lobster